Gives you wings?

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This morning it was a can of Red Bull, I did not have time to stop at Starbucks, and I noticed that the principal ingredient in Red Bull is Taurine. After hearing their commercial on the radio, I got to thinking. How exactly does Red Bull work, and does it really give you wings? Does it give you more energy? Does this make you more alert?
Well, upon inspecting the ingredients and doing some research, which was not hard working as a bulk vitamin distributor, I discovered that the Red Bull wings reference could be more geared to mental well being than to actual body energy. At least this might be the case with Taurine. As it turns out, Taurine is an amino acid that’s used in our body for several activities. A couple of which are to act as a neural regulator, and to protect heart function. Substantial amounts of Taurine are also found in our eyes and stomach bile. There is not any doubt that Taurine is beneficial, but I could not find any information that indicated it would give you an energy boost.
After searching and searching, I realized that the”wings” reference could be geared more toward your mental state. As I suggested, Taurine acts as a neural regulator. In actuality, it’s one of those chemicals in our brain that’s responsible for a serene positive disposition. Perhaps the wings effect is referring to how the Taurine in Red Bull will make you calm and clear-headed. There has been data to demonstrate that Taurine is effective when dealing with anxiety. Another ingredient that would indicate that the”wings” tag line may refer more to your mental state is that the ingredient Inositol. This is another compound that has been proven to have a positive, calming, effect on your mood. In taking a look at the ingredients, Caffeine certainly jumps out as a major stimulant. Aside from that, sugar is always good at giving a good short-term energy boost. These are probably the key ingredients that will make you “vitalized.”
So does Red Bull give you “Wings?” Well, the Taurine and Inositol in it’ll surely make you feel good. It’s caffeine, so there should be a little energy boost, and the other chemicals listed can assist with your metabolism. Overall, it should have a beneficial impact on your own body, and make you feel a little calmer and more energized. In terms of wings, well, what would we do with them if we had them anyhow? Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! With your Powers Combined I AM CAPTAIN ELLIS!

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